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NYSMA Mid-Year Conference - Lake Placid, NY April 21-24

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Men's Conference Registration Form

WOTM Conference Registration Form

Lake Placid Hotel Reservation Form


Public Service Award Announcement

Public Service Award Application

35th Annual Can/Am Celebration March 4-6

Moose Legion Progress #62 and Golden Horseshoe #135 will be celebrating our 35th Annual Can/Am Celebration on March 4-6. Host Lodge is Tonawanda Lodge #2163

This celebrates 35 years of fraternal camaraderie with our Canadian Moose Legion Brothers. As you know, any celebration needs support from all our fraternal units. Below are links for the Agenda, Registration, Hotel and Program Booklet Ad Form, and Booster Sheets.

Our Official Visitor is International Moose Legion Councilman Ashley Coffin from Ontario. Also there will be a M.E.L.C class Saturday mosning.

Fraternally, Bob Fahs, Secretary Moose Legion #62 (716-638-4028)

Can/Am Meeting Agenda

Registration Form

Booster Sheet

St. Louis 2016 Convention Information

St. Louis Convention 2016 registration and hotel reservations are now open. Book early to make sure you get a room!!


Order Pre-Sale Shirts Honoring Fritz Griswold...

The Supreme Governor's Celebration Committee is still taking orders for shirts for the 2016 Moose International Convention in St. Louis, where Fritz Griswold (Dansville Lodge) will be installed as Supreme Governor.

If you would like to order a shirt, please send a $30.00 check made payable to NYSMA, Inc. and include whether it is for a male or female, and what size is needed.

If you paid the $20.00 initial deposit on a shirt at either the Mid-Year or State Conventions, please send a $10.00 check made payable to NYSMA, Inc. to cover the full cost of each shirt.

Please earmark your check: SG Shirt(s), and send all communications and checks for the shirts to either Elliott or Janet Chaffee, 20 Maplewood Avenue, Hornell, N.Y. 14843.

The shirts will be distributed at the Mid-Year Convention in Lake Placid in April, 2016.



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