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From the President ...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am ready to get rid of this "cabin fever" that I have. It has been a long, hard winter and I am ready for Spring to get here. Of course we have the Mid-Year Conference right around the corner so we will have to see how that turns out. The last two times we were in Saratoga Springs we had a blizzard one year and an ice storm the other year. Maybe this year will just be an orderly and comfortable weekend.
Now it is time for a little bad news followed by a little good news. The good news is that the minus number is not as big a minus as it was last year. Usually April is a pretty good month to reduce that minus number so if we all really work at it, maybe we could turn that minus into at least a "plus one". It really is possible, Brothers, so let us all give it our best effort.
One other thing for you administrators out there. The Lodge Safety Report is due April 1, so get them turned in. There is no reason for the New York State Moose Association not to have a 100% turn in.


2015 Mid-Year Conference

The 2015 Mid-Year Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs from April 9-12. The tentative schedule, conference registration and hotel reservation forms are attached. You must print out the hotel form and send it to the Holiday Inn. Phone calls will not be honored for our discount.

Tentative Schedule

Conference Registration

Hotel Reservation

Meal Order Form

WOTM Registration

WOTM Tentative Schedule

Changes to the Website

The website has been changed to make it more readable, with fewer "clicks' to get where you are going. When you hover over a link, it changes color identifying it as an item that can be opened. Many of the previously embedded forms are now in pdf format and can be opened and saved or printed. In addition there is now a "live" calendar which can be updated as information is received and printed out directly from your desktop. The remaining obstacle is to get the committee chairs to forward information to me in a timely manner. See you at the mid-year ... Rick

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