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Order Pre-Sale Shirts Honoring Fritz Griswold...

Presale orders are being accepted for a shirt honoring Fritz Griswold who will be the 2016-2017 Supreme Governor.

Please indicate whether it is for a man or woman, name, size and lodge or chapter. There is a $20 deposit required for each shirt. Make check or money order payable to NYSMA.

The order form can be printed here and can be sent to either:

Brian B. Best, 30 Franklin Street, Westfield, NY 14787 ~ 716-581-0227 or

Elliott Chaffee, 20 Maplewood Avenue, Hornell, NY 14843


2015 Mid-Year Conference is Over ...

The 2015 Mid-Year Conference is now over and it is now YOUR turn to add to this website. Email or forward any information you might have to me at the link to the left and I will see to it that it gets out there to all our members.


Changes to the Website

The website has been changed to make it more readable, with fewer "clicks' to get where you are going. When you hover over a link, it changes color identifying it as an item that can be opened. Many of the previously embedded forms are now in pdf format and can be opened and saved or printed. In addition there is now a "live" calendar which can be updated as information is received and printed out directly from your desktop. The remaining obstacle is to get the committee chairs to forward information to me in a timely manner. See you at the mid-year ... Rick

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